Blogging Assignment Gone Wrong


Blogging Assignment Gone Wrong

As many of my followers know, I have created this blog for a class. That being said, I am fully aware that I have done this assignment all wrong. “How do you do a blog assignment wrong?” one might ask. Well let me tell you.

In essence of creating a blog I have created a “bad” blog (as we have defined it in class). Not only am I not regularly keeping up with posts and maintaining a bi-daily, weekly, or bi-weekly blog rhythm, so that my audience can keep up or expect posts from me in a timely manner, I am also not maintaining an entirely focused thread, in which my public can determine what my topic will be about (because citizen media is such a broad topic).

I would have to attribute my deficient blog rhythm to the lack of scheduled due dates for blog posts. Though, I do not blame my teacher for this. As a fourth year university student I should be able to create deadlines for myself and manage my time in a way that allows for my success in assignments such as these.

However, not long after I discovered MSN Messenger and consecutively, Facebook, did I become a procrastinator. Yes, I hold social media responsible for what I would now define as my A.D.D. and thus my failure at assignments that require me to come up with my own deadlines. Before WiFi, laptops, and social media I was an excellent student. I would come home from school and get my homework done so I could play outside with my friends until dark.

Unfortunately, I developed an online life that changed my life. It started out small, mostly because of dial-up and my need to play outside, where I would put off homework till after supper so I could chat with my friends online for 30 minutes, but then it grew. Now my online profile sucks me in every time I have to do homework. I will say to myself “just 20 minutes on Facebook to see what’s going on” but after 3 hours of looking through my best friend’s awesome  night at a party (I couldn’t go to because I put of an essay until the last minute) I still haven’t started these blogs (of course I’m being melodramatic).

Nonetheless, social media has benefits that we have all enjoyed, such as keeping up with friends lives that we don’t see as often, keeping our phone bills low because who needs to call anyone anymore, and developing our social lives outside of the web as well as inside. However, moderation is key, and something I’m still learning. Thus, I apologize to my public for being an awful blogger. I know I would be upset if JennaMarbles had the same procrastination issues as me and didn’t post every Wednesday.


2 responses to “Blogging Assignment Gone Wrong

  1. Alison,

    The first step is admitting you have a problem! Haha. I think your blog was great, you pointed out the attributes of a “bad blog” that we have discussed in class. You mentioned that social media has basically taken over your life, I have a question for you, do you think social media is diminishing our physical experiences with life because we are now spending so much time in our online lives? I personally do not participate on Facebook but I remember those MSN days and the time I spent on there. Although I think that MSN is a different kind of social media compared to Facebook or Twitter. MSN allows you to share one-on-one social relationships where as Facebook and Twitter focus on you building a public appearance, in my view. Going back to my original question, in my opinion social media does have the ability to restrict you from your physical experiences, just like how you were unable to attend a party with your best friend because you had spent your free time on Facebook. However, I do think that social media as an online public sphere (see my blog for what I mean by this) does have many benefits such as the ability to spread social relations across the world.

    Cheers from another participating citizen of media,


  2. Hahaha, thank you very much Elyse, I appreciate your support. To answer your question, yes, I think that social media is diminishing our physical experiences with life. I have noticed that people are shyer in face to face public situations than before, myself included. However, these same individuals may be more comfortable voicing their opinions and conversing on social media outlets. Additionally, people need to go outside! This may be a different direction than you were intending when asking your question, but I think people are becoming less social in their everyday lives because they are spending so much time inside on their computers. For example, I went to my friend’s house on the snow day and him and his roommates mentioned how they wasted their snow day by watch movies all day, thus not socializing and not enjoying the fresh snow. By sitting inside all the time in front of a screen we are missing out on the beauty of Mother Nature and fresh air. The next generation worries me, if we are the internet natives and it has taken over a good portion of the people from our generation, then the next generation is doomed to be anti social hermits.

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