Public or Private?


Public or Private?

In our society it is very hard to disconnect from our technology. Whether we are on our computer, cell phone, or IPod we have a constant flow of communication and information. The problem with having a constant flow of communication is that marketers can now reach us anywhere. Not too long ago people were worried about marketers being able to reach us in our homes through television and radio, but times have changed and they now reach us through our handheld devices such as iPods, smart phones and tablets.

Social media and citizen journalism is used so we can criticize mainstream media, create our own media, and connect with each other. However, our “alternative media” is being tainted by mainstream media and advertisements, and this opportunity for us to develop our own form of alternative media has given businesses the opportunity to reach us through our own media practices. IBMSocialMedia created a video showing the processes in which businesses connect to citizens through social media outlets to determine their interests and upcoming trends.

Similarly, in class we mentioned how businesses have or can get access to our browsing history, and that our browsing history determines what advertisements are popping up on our screens in social media outlets. Though there are options out there to remove ads from popping up, the idea that industries can easily attain information about us is concerning. Through such processes information has a higher chance of falling into the wrong hands and could make one the target of spam and viruses. Additionally, I would like to believe that what I search is private.

The advancement of technology has created a deeper reliance on it, and it can now be used for boarding passes, billing and banking all of which require our important personal information. With the abundance of advertisements on our computers and now handheld devices it is only time before more important personal information is being attained by businesses, or anyone.

Where do we draw the line on who can access information about us? I believe when we start receiving personalized advertisements to our phones that a line has been crossed, but I predict that this will occur in the near future.


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