Web 2.0 For The Win


Web 2.0 For The Win

Over the course of my blogs I recognize that I have taken a slightly negative view towards the internet despite the possibilities it has provided us with. Consider me overly skeptical or a negative Nancy if you will, but I have decided to take an alternative view this blog. Today I will delve into the positive aspects of citizen media and web 2.0 and ignore the objections that I have made apparent throughout my blogging history.

To begin I would like to look at Web 1.0. At the beginning of the computer and internet era we have acquired the ability to access almost any information we sought at anytime of the day. Despite conflicts that occurred because of dialup and connecting to a phone line. This ability led to the information era  that we live in now.

The full extent of the information era was obvious as we encountered web 2.0, we gained the ability to create our own information and post our own knowledge online to share with the world. It allowed us the ability to connect with people from around the world, and has encouraged us to maintain relationships with people who do not live in the same area code as us for FREE!

As can be seen in this video, the internet depends on us now, and this can be a huge responsibility but can also allow for dissemination of hidden information. Before the internet, the government had taken over most major media outlets and was buying out smaller individually owned newspaper company’s therefore altering unfavourable information to make themselves look good. Now it is not so easy, the newspapers used to be the government “watchdogs” but as governments started taking over, citizens have had to become the watch dogs and we make our knowledge public using the internet (as can be seen here).

Additionally, we learn about the government in other countries, and the real facts of certain news stories that are filtered from us, through citizen journalism. People have the ability to upload videos, photos, and comments about events that they are participating in as they are participating in them. Therefore you have proof of what is going on in other countries and a variety of viewpoints to understand the full story.

Accordingly, there is the possibility for things to be made up and there is so much information to sift through to find the truth and what you are looking for. Nevertheless, there is also the availability of multiple truths that allow for a 360 overview of events, real facts that are hidden from us and social networks that allow for connections with people abroad


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